Ongoing Classes:

Prospective students are now being interviewed for ongoing classes, which meet for two hours once a week. Non-violent persons are best suited for these classes. A person considering studying Gohn Dagow should be willing to commit to at least one year of study. Prospective students are first asked to read the book Gohn Dagow – Movements for Health and Self Defense by F.H. Treon and D.G. Hickmond. Please contact us if you would like more information about the classes.


             Seated and Moving Meditation
Learn ancient movements to remove the cobwebs of doubt and indecision, relieve
stress, balance the breath with the circulation, and achieve inner harmony and peace.

            Chi Gong (Qi Gong)
Discover your chi, the body’s inner energy, through the power of your breath. Learn
movements to contact, control and direct your
chi, energize the circulatory system,
cleanse the respiratory system, release energy blocks, and improve strength and

            Chuan (Chinese Boxing)
            Develop the mind and condition the body, while learning martial applications for hand
and foot fighting techniques, for if you truly respect life, you learn to preserve it.

            Chin Na (Holds and Breaks)
Learn to break holds, yield and flow around resistance from one movement to the next,
as the water in a stream flows around a rock.

Public workshops are held periodically.  Check below for dates and locations.
Or contact us if you would like to request a specific workshop.


Bend Center:

There are currently no workshops scheduled.

Tijeras Center:

A four week introduction to Gohn Dagow workshop. Starting July 8th Sundays 10:00am to 12:00pm. Cost: $40. Contact Sien Seong Richard May 505-281-9214 or Sien Seong Charles Draper 505-281-2663.

Corvallis Center:

There are currently no workshops scheduled.