Gohn Dagow originated in 2800 B.C. The art centered within the secrecy of religious temples until approximately 638 A.D., when a monk named Chin Li brought the art out of the obscurity of the temples. The art was most popular during the relatively peaceful and culturally active Tang – Sung eras. A fifth generation grand master, also named Chin Li, brought the art to the United States from China in 1945, while escaping from the Communist Chinese purge.

Futzu Treon, the first American Futzu (master), began his study with Chin Li in 1945, and founded the American Gohn Dagow Association (AGDA) in 1965. Futzu Hickmond, the current director of the AGDA, began his study with Futzu Treon in 1973, became Sien Seong (teacher) in 1986, and Futzu in 1995. Futzu Hickmond resides and teaches at the training center in Bend, Oregon.

In 1986 F.H. Treon and D.G. Hickmond published the book:
Gohn Dagow – Movements for Health and Self Defense.

Authorized personnel are presently teaching Gohn Dagow classes in Bend and Corvallis, Oregon, and in Tijeras, New Mexico.

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Current Futzu (Master)

Futzu Dan Hickmond was born in Fresno, California in 1946. He received a M.A. in English Literature from Cal State Fresno in 1975. He began training in Gohn Dagow in 1973 with Futzu Francis Treon, the founder of the American Gohn Dagow Association. Mr Hickmond became Sien Seong in 1986, after studying for 13 years with Futzu Treon. In 1980, Mr Hickmond started teaching Gohn Dagow in Bend, Oregon. After 22 years of study, Mr Hickmond became Futzu. Futzu Hickmond is also certified as a Personal Trainer by the American College of Sports Medicine (ASCM), and a Certified Tai Chi Instructor. He is the only living master of Gohn Dagow.