If you truly respect life,

you will learn to preserve it.

Chin Li


Gohn Dagow Gung Fu is an ancient, classical, southern Chinese, soft, monk form of self development. This ancient system is a method of self defense that develops the mind and conditions the body, and it is a method of mental, physical and spiritual development.

In Gohn Dagow we learn and practice physical techniques for health and self defense. Hand and foot techniques, as well as holds and throws are taught. Ancient philosophies are also shared with the students. Through practicing the physical techniques, students develop their inner chi (energy) and learn the self discipline, patience, perseverance and humility that comes from within.

Classes are held to a maximum of ten students to insure individual attention in the class.
A person considering studying Gohn Dagow should be willing to commit to at least one year of study. Interviews are held to give more information about the art. Prospective students are asked to first read the book:  Gohn Dagow – Movements for Health and Self Defense by F.H. Treon and D.G. Hickmond (1986). The book is available in Bend, Oregon at the Deschutes County Library.
Or it can be purchased by clicking on the above link.

Those persons interested in self development and in expanding their level of awareness make the best Gohn Dagow students.